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30 Deacons Ln
Wilton, CT, 06897
United States

The Lt. John G. Corr Memorial Award is presented each year, along with a framed certificate and medallion, to the graduating senior of Wilton High School who, in the opinion of the Directors, best personifies the devotion to his studies, the participation in sports, the qualities of true leadership and the exemplary personal character and patriotism of the man whose name it bears.



The Lt. John G. Corr Award is the most prized and hoped for recognition among the many honors that are available to the male student-athletes of Wilton High School.  When the award was established it was hoped  that it would mark the beginning of a tradition. That tradition lives on today.

RECIPIENTS 2019 - 1968

The John G. Corr 2015 Recipient

Christian Hanson is joined Letty Kenefic (John's Sister) (l) and Pam Corr (wife of Daniel Corr) (r) after being awarded the Corr award on June 16, 2015.

2019 Kyle T. Phillips, University of South Carolina

2018 Jack T. DiNanno, Union College

2017 JACK E. Wood, University of Connecticut

2016 Rocco J. Romeo, Providence college

2015 CHRISTIAN A. HANSON, Hamilton College

2014 Brett A. Phillips, Tufts University

2013 Weston T. WilbUr, Hamilton College

2012 Sean C. Carroll, Middlebury College

2011 Ryan P. Phillips, University of Massachusetts

2010 Christopher J. Kachadoorian, Duke University

2009 Peter J. McMahon, Bryant University

2008 Christopher J. Kozlowski, Denison University**

2007 Christopher B. Collins, Brown University

2006 Andrew W. Drummond, Connecticut College

2005 Sam H. Slaughter, Harvard University

2004 Frank M. DiPaolo, Franklin & Marshall College

2003 Paul T. Jarboe, Trinity College

2002 Robert A. Diehl, Wesleyan University

2001 Justin P. Savarine, Muhlenberg College

2000 John A. Wyman, Butler University

1999 Christopher W. Woods, U.S. Military Academy

1998 Edward C. Clune, Amherst College**

1997 Brian G. Adams, Wheaton College

1996 Kevin P. Higgins, Notre Dame University

1995 Timothy C. Knowles, Duke University

1994 Kyle C. Swayze, Babson College

1993 Erik G. Quardfordt, Rice University


1992 Stephen B. Clancy, Villanova University

1991 Spencer D. Malcolm, Northwestern University**

1990 William J. Monroe, Duke University

1989 Daniel C. Reading, University of Maryland

1988 Kevin E. Wall, Ohio Wesleyan University

1987 Philip W. Simplicio, Bates College

1986 John W. Wiseman, Duke University**

1985 Manual A. Suarez, Brown University

1984 Richard L. Whipple, University of Virginia

1983 Reed E. Overby, Brown University

1982 Angelo S. Calise, Sacred Heart University

1981 Daniel J. Miller, Rochester Institute of Technology

1980 Robert H. Papenfuss, University of Pennsylvania

1979 Steven J. O’Day, John’s Hopkins University*

1978 Michael J. Pressler, Washington & Lee University

1977 Eric a. schluntz, University of montana

1976 Timothy H. Canty, University of Connecticut

1975 Michael F. FAughT, Harvard University

1974 Thomas N. Bodine, St. Lawrence University

1973 Mark L. Breckheimer, Bucknell University

1972 Curt Gillespie, Bucknell University

1971 John S. Nessel, Penn State University

1970 Kenneth S. Wood, Colgate University

1969 John W. Lengyel, University of Bridgeport

1968 Richard A. Hardej, Bowdoin College

*Indicates additional studies at *Oxford University
**Edinburgh University